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Welcome to Clock Cards 4 Less

Clock Cards, why  should you use them?

Clock machines which are also known as Time clocks have been around before the 1890s, helping companies to keep correct records of how many hours their employees are working to allow correct wages to be paid. There are many good reasons why a business should use the clock card system, we have listed three of those reasons. 

1.             Clock Cards Allows Employers And Employees To Keep Correct Records

A clock card machine is an easy way for a company to keep a record of how many hours an employee has worked. It is not just beneficial for a company to have a clock card machine in place. Employees who work in companies who do not operate a clock card policy find themselves keeping their own record to make sure they are not underpaid for the hours they have worked. By having a clock card machine in place, it stops serious fraud and allows both the employer and the employee to keep a record of the hours they have worked to make sure the correct wages are being paid. 

2.             Time Clocks Keeps Record Of Who Is In And Out Of The Building In Case Of Emergencies

In an emergency which in this day and age can be more than a fire, it is important to know who is currently working to make sure no one has been left in the building. By not keeping record of who is and who is not working, fire crews could be risking their lives searching for someone who are not working.

3.             Time Clocks Makes Payroll Processing Simplified

A clock card makes the processing of wages much easier for the payroll department, allowing payroll information to be sent to head office to make sure wages are paid on time. Not only does a clock card machine make sure wages are accurate, it also reduces the time spent dealing with payroll that saves on manpower. A clock card machine is beneficial for both the employee and the employer, making it a vital piece of equipment to have within any business settings.