4L100 Clock Cards

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Type: Weekly

1000 cards per box

Size: 86mm x 188mm

Compatible with the following clocking on machine: Computime S-210, T7 and many more.


4L100 Clock Card: Manage Your Business Better

Do you want to grow your business? Well, it’s the high time you start using clock cards in your business. With so many clock cards to choose from, the use of 4L100 clock cards is a great decision for your company. Time card clocks have been in use over the years to help companies keep track of how hourly employees should be paid. Many companies both small and large have embraced the use of these time cards to keep track of schedules. With so many advantages of using clock cards, it is, therefore, important for a business to invest in high quality cards such as 4L100 clock cards. These cards help a business to manage its employees and keep them on the right track.

 In companies where wages of an employee is dependent on their weekly performance, the use of 4L100 clock cards is vital.  These cards track the time the employee arrives and leaves work and how many hours they work every day to register all their payroll hours. The clock card mechanically stamps starting and ending times on a workers time card thus providing accuracy and information.

Most of the time, the company becomes unsuccessful if time is not managed well. Time is essential in business if it wants to make profits. At times, managing employees can be a daunting task especially when it comes to time management, and this is why many businesses are advised to use clock cards. These cards help a company to know what each employee is working on while they are on duty. They further show all employees who worked overtime and help to pay them the right wages for extra hours.

Companies have also been able to use 4L100 clock cards to evaluate the performance of their employees. These cards report which employee is wasting the company’s time and who is working hard. A worker who is not being productive can be disciplined and motivated to work better but, on the other hand, an employee who is performing well is rewarded by the company. Clock cards have solved all time confusion problems that many businesses go through. Today, employers have been able to keep their businesses on track as well as evaluate employee’s performance regularly thanks to clock cards. In turn, this has led to better performance, which has promoted business growth.

Businesses looking for top-notch clock cards should purchase 4L100 clock cards from Clock Cards 4 Less. We are the only company that supplies high quality clock cards to both small and large businesses. Our 4L100 clock cards which are also referred to as 107142, 107221, CC100, DT-3000W and S-210W can also be used in Computime S-210 and T7 among other clocking machines.