4L101 Clock Cards

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Cards per box: 1.000

Size: 85,5 x 140 mm

Also known as:

G1 clock cards, A63 clock cards, H2087, 102115 clock cards, 85110 clock cards, 85111 clock cards, 10-100017 clock cards, 11-550472 clock cards, 105801 clock cards, Type No 8 clock cards, SM7000 clock cards, TB7000 clock cards, TB4000 clock cards, M86 clock cards, No.8 clock cards, N.A.1 clock cards, H4 clock cards, H2087 clock cards, 2087 clock cards, 5002 clock cards, 5002E clock cards, 106985 clock cards, 11-550472-UK1 clock cards, 10-100017-UK1 clock cards, 102115P clock cards, 102017 clock cards.

Compatible with the following clocking on machines: Needtek, Amano, Beatron, Isgus, Eagle Time, Time Precision, Seiko, Coper, ActInTime AT-65DA, ActInTime AT-60AA, ActInTime AT-90D


4L101 clock cardsWhen you are looking to keep track of the hours your employees work, a time card is essential for you. And we present to you the 4L101 clock cards. This clock card is compatible with all major Time clock ink ribbons (like Time Precision TP-50, Time Precision TP-100 and Time precision TP-200 etc) available all over the world and is quite user friendly. Large MNCs to small companies prefer our time card because they are made of durable materials and are equally tech friendly.

Using it is quite easy. The time is recorded accurately by just entering the card into the slot. The employee himself can do this. The unworked hours are hence stroked off. And there is always the savings to speak for us. 4L101 clock cards contain a column for overtime which could accommodate any additional entries. These card are sleek and allow for the deductions and sick pays and leaves. The 4L101B clock cards also has space to record the lunch breaks during the day. There is a second record for the afternoon. This makes sure that the time spent at lunch is removed from the overall work. A clock card is the cheapest way to keep track of the hours put into your organization. It ensures that a mass data is recorded and stored precisely where you need it.

The employee himself will record the hours and hence, a sense of ownership arises in him. This means that when he works less on a day, he knows the pay is going to be lower. So, there is always a part of him that will want to compensate for it. The other side being that the employee knows that his hard day’s work will be counted for sure. There is a feeling of win-win in this situation. The employer is happy that he does not have to overpay. The employee is happy because all his work is recorded. The cards are long lasting and thick. After the use, they can be filed for future records. Our printing is of high quality and does not fade over time. You can refer our 4L101 clock cards back, anytime you need to check any records.

The 4L101 clock cards are appreciated for being installation-friendly and is as cheap as £15.95 for a box of 1000nos. Larger companies can order in bulk according to the clock card requirement. Easy to carry around and  85 x 140 mm in size, they are not cumbersome at all. Perfect for organizations that follow a weekly payment schedule for their regular employees as well as for the contractual pays. If you find the 4L101B clock cards are the ones you are looking for, order now! It is just £15.95!

The 4L101 clock cards are also known as 107071 clock cards. If you are looking for 107071 clock cards, you have come to the right place hence. Get the clock ticking for your business.  And get it recorded.