4L101B Clock Cards

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Cards per box: 1.000

Size: 85 x 140 mm

Also known as: 

107071 clock cards

Compatible with:

Time Precision TP-50, Time Precision TP-100 and Time precision TP-200


4L101B clock cards - Time cards, ideally suited for a large organization looking at keeping track of the weekly hours spent by their workers at work and we present to you the 4L101B clock cards. This clock card suits any major Time clock ink ribbons (like Time Precision TP-50, Time Precision TP-100 and Time precision TP-200 and many more) in the market and is quite user friendly. Durable and technology friendly, it is being used by large MNCs to small startups to keep track of their employees’ work hours and weekly offs.

Just insert the card into the time clocking machine and the machine will provide the time at which the employee came to work. It cuts cost for the company as you need not pay for the unworked hours and the under-workers of the company. 4L101B clock cards are weekly work trackers that have a column for overtime as well. They are compact and also take into account the deductions and sick leaves and pays. The 4L101B clock cards also take into consideration a lunch break in the middle of the day’s work. The track of time resumes when the employee registers his card in the afternoon. While finger print recognition and swipe cards are costly, a clock card is the most inexpensive way to keep track of the time worked through the employee itself. And it also deducts the lunch time and any other time whiled away outside, from the work time

The 4L101B clock cards bring in a sense of ownership to the worker and helps him compensate for the weekly underworked days by doing over time at the others. And he will also be happy that his work is not going to be recognized. And the employer can sleep peacefully knowing that the cards will give them the exact number of hours put in by their workers. No overpaying because there is always a precise calculation of the weekly hours. The clock cards are made of thick and tough durable material and will last all week long, and later for the records. The high quality print will stay longer and hence the 4L101B clock cards can be filed for later reference if any need arises.

A time card is also very easy to install and use. In fact, 4L101B clock cards are appreciated as very employee friendly. It is also the cheaper option (1000 per box) for a fairly large company. Sized at 85 x 140 mm, they are not cumbersome and can be easily taken to work. Ideally suited for companies that follow a weekly payment schedule for their contractual workers and regular employees. If you find the 4L101B clock cards to be suitable for you as well, order now! It is just £15.95!

The 4L101B clock cards are also called by the name 107071 clock cards. This essentially means that if you are here looking for 107071 clock cards also, you are at the right place. If you are looking for any of these, you are in the right place! Get the hours tracked. Pay just right! Sit tight.