4L106 Clock Cards

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Type: Weekly

1000 cards per box

Size: 68mm x 178mm

Also known as: B1, A29, 102831, 10-100001, 103356, 102017, 10-10001UK1, SCO11BF

Compatible with following clocking on machines: Amano, Isgus and many more. 


4L106 Clock CardsInk ribbon records and time cards are the best ways to keep track of your employee hours. Also called a clock card, 4L106 Clock Card is one of the best weekly clock cards in the market. Now you can record the employee hours using out 4L106 Clock Cards on any of the prominent ink ribbon recorders like Amano or Isgus and sit back and enjoy as the card takes care of your attendance and pay issues. Our clock cards are durable and employee friendly and definitely the favorite of the employers at large MNCs to small startups.

The usage of a clock card is very easy once the machine is installed. The employees just have to insert the card on reporting to duty and the machine records their in-time. On the way out, it is done again to record the out time automatically at the inker. There is no unpaid work and there is not a single whiled away hour, paid for. Hence both the employees and the employers are happy. The 4L106 Clock Cards are used by organizations to track their workers’ weekly work hours, overtime payments, dues and deductions and also the estimate of weekly pays. Convenience and flexibility go hand in hand for the 4L106 Clock Cards. They have an ‘extra time’ column for every day and is ideal for the flexi time workers or part timers. The responsibility of time keeping is carried out by the employee himself as his wages depend on it.

Also, it means he will compensate for any underworked days and thus productivity will be on the rise. The employees also love a clock card system since our 4L106 Clock Cards keep track of the hours they have put in and ensures that they are paid for it. They can also plan their weeks accordingly. Not only the employee, but the employer also benefits by not paying for hours that are whiled away and breaks. The organizations also find our cards helpful in record keeping for later reference. The materials used in manufacturing our cards, namely the paper, ink and technology are all state of the art and the most durable quality of international standards. Hence they last longer in the records than the other slim shadies.

The installation and establishment of a 4L106 Clock Card is very stress-free. Our card system is applauded for being economical at 1000 cards per box for £21.49. We accept bulk orders from MNCs with time tracking needs. The 4L106 Clock Card is aimed at making contractual, part time and flexi worker timing track. This is the perfect clock card for any employee hour tracking needs, be yours an MNC or an enthusiastic startup. Order now at just £21.49!

The 4L106 Clock Card is also called B1, A29, 102831, 10-100001, 103356, 102017, 10-10001UK1 or a SCO11BF. Pick up the productivity and send it skyrocketing now. Don’t wait, get our 4L106 Clock Cards today and enjoy the freedom of flexi pay. Flexi or not, pay only by the knot!