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Clock cards are used to keep a track record of working hours of the employees and workforce at business organization. It is also known as time-clock, punch clock or clock card machine. Clock Cards 4 Less is offering several types of clock cards that include: Punch cards, Budgets and Pins, Biometric Time Clock System, Multi Location time clocks and Web and Phone based time clocks. Punch cards are durable as well as expensive.

The machine starts working by inserting a card made of heavy paper into it. This card is also referred as time card.  When a card is inserted in the machine, at the other moment it provides with information of time at which employee came at work. Companies use clock cards depending on the number of employees and size of company. If company has decentralized system with complex hierarchical system, then it must go for swipe cards as they are recognized by computers easily. While in case of small companies, they can use finger print system as it is more efficient for small companies.

Reasons for Using Time-Cards at Workplace

For Complex Structured Organizations - From some years, time cards are being used to keep record of employees’ attendance. This helps employers to pay their employees on basis of working hours.  It has become very difficult for managers to keep track record of their employees’ working hours in large organizations and businesses. Time cards or clock cards are used by employers depending upon the hierarchical levels, complex structures and number of employees. For more large organizations, it becomes difficult to keep check on attendance of employees and their payroll.

Precise Calculation of working hours - It is most accurate process to assess time period from which an employee started and then ended his work. Employee will be paid honestly on basis of his working hours. There is no doubt about precision regarding this automated process.

Easy to install and Handle - It is very easy for employees to learn about using and installing clock card and its benefits. It takes less time for an employee to learn this new user friendly technology. It is very easy to use clock cards.

Clock Cards 4 Less offers cost effective solutions for all your clock card requirements

Using clock cards in organizations is much cost effective. If there are 50 and above employees in an organization, it becomes cheaper to keep track record of all employees attendance and monitoring them rather than recording data of every single employee which is more time consuming and incurs more expenses. Once the clock card system is installed the there are no further costs to manage this system. This can be said as investment that will give benefit to company.

Assurance for employers and Employees:

This system assures employers that no employee will cheat them regarding their work and working hours. Employers will have firm belief that they will be paid accordingly for their efforts.

Clock Cards 4 Less offers the clock card systems which are beneficial for employees, employers as well as organizations. Many researches founded that by introducing clock card system in organizations, they will improve moral of employees and motivate them to work more.

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