We offer wholesale pricing up to 40% cheaper then displayed on our website! Clockcards4less has been sourcing their Time Cards for many years from a leading American Clock Cards manufacturer that is already in business over 30 years at very competetive pricing. If you're interested in becoming a CLOCKCARDS4LESS dealer, please take a moment to complete the Dealer Application form below. After its quick approval, you will be send our wholesale pricing list. The minimum order quantity to become a dealer is 50.000 cards each order.

We can also print customized cards (Clock Cards that are not displayed on our website), no problem! And when ordering a minimum of 15.000 per card we can even print the name of your company, website contact details at no additional cost.

Now Cristel Graphics, formerly the largest printing company in the UK for Clock Cards and Time Cards is no longer in business we might be the alternative you're looking for! Christel Graphics from Halifax used to dominate the UK market with their Clock Cards as a manufacturer but as we all know volumes are decreasing and they could no longer make a profit. Printing Clock Cards is all about volume. Luckily Clock Cards are still being widely used in the USA, the biggest market for time and attendancy in the world. Therefore Clockcards4less can still source their Time Cards at very affordable prices for many years to come!